Snape Costume

This Severus Snape costume is modeled by Jonathan Castile.  Three part, shirt, tunic and robe.  My first cloth buttons-good times.


snapesnape cloak

snape back

17 thoughts on “Snape Costume

  1. Hi there- this Snape costum looks really great! I’m searching for a cloak like this (Snape-Fan, you know…)- can you tell me where to get of them? Would be very nice! Thanks a lot for reply,
    Yours *Tonja Born*

  2. I made these costumes as samples for a store called Whimsic Alley in Santa Monica, CA. I think they may even sell online. Good luck!

  3. Very beautiful work. I am interested in creating myself a Snape costume for this Halloween season, but because there is very little information available on the web concerning this character’s costume, I would like to know if you made the patterns yourself, or did you use modified modern patterns? Any guidance you can give will be appreciated!

  4. Hello, i know many have already asked this, but is there anyway i may purchase a smaller Snape costume? I am only 5 feet tall, and i am having difficulty not only finding a Snape costume i can fit in, but in finding one on sale at all.

    If you cannot, is there anyone you can refer me to for my problem?

    Thank you,

    -Katie, [email protected]

  5. Dear SRB

    I love your costumes, great work

    COuld you please give me as much details as you can or instructions as to make the Sirius Black Costume, Mcgonogal, and the snape costume.

    many thanks

    Harrison Goldman

  6. Hey,

    This costume is just awesome! I was wondering what pictures you used for referencing when you made the costume~

  7. Sorry, if I do make them it’s for quite a bit more. 60 dollars doesn’t even cover the price of materials, let alone my time. Good luck in your hunt. I wish you the best.

  8. I saw the costume tutorial and loved it! I’m planning to do this for my Halloween costume. But I couldn’t find the tutorial for the cape. Could you please email that to me or a link to it? It would be very much appreciated.

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