Sirius Black Costume

So this is the house coat that Sirius Black wears in Order of the Phoniex.  The fabric alone was hello-expensive, about 3oo buckaroos!  Believe it or not, the vest and shirt I found at a thrift store for 10 dollars.

siriussirius black back

5 thoughts on “Sirius Black Costume

  1. The coat is brilliant, i’ve been searching for Sirius’ coat since the movie came out. do you know of any place that sells anything like it?

  2. I too would be interested in the pattern for this housecoat, or indeed the finished product. Are you able to send details?

    Thanks 😀

  3. I think That It Was Great. The Caspe WAS shiny and it was cool. i am astonded by the buety of this peice it was beond my imagination. that i could see this great peice thak u 4 leting me see this exqisite demonstation of pure awesomeness bye bye

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