My Impulsive Costume of the Day-Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

Currently one of my biggest vice’s is thrift stores!  Ironically as a child I didn’t want to be caught dead in one, due to a life altering episode of Who’s the Boss, (if you saw it, you would remember it).  Now as a starving artist I thrive in those glorious piles of junk, those misplaced garments and those neglected heaps of trash.  Every once in a while I stumble upon a real treasure.

I had no intention spending my day yesterday altering a dress to fit my version of Belle from Beauty and the Beast-but that is what I did.  The dress was a prom reject from Macy’s still new with tags still attached, (worth about $400.00), I got it for $25.00.  As I perused the rest of the store I found a matching scrap piece of yellow fabric that cost .99 cents for the sleeves.  I rummaged in my costume closest at home and found a brown wig, a little sprits here and few boby pins there and wala !  Instant Belle Halloween costume.  Sometimes I surprise even myself with my resourcefulness.  Feel free to leave a comment if you like.  I would love to hear your stories of thrifting.


19 thoughts on “My Impulsive Costume of the Day-Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

  1. Nice! I constantly haunt the thrift stores around here. The local Goodwill is open until 9:00 PM!

  2. WOW…I am a bit biased when it comes to Belle having spent my formative years working the show. I dare say you did a splendid job

  3. I LOVE it! Belle is my most favorite of the Princesses and I have always wanted a grownup dress…I am sooooo jealous!

  4. Lisa Marie, you’re the most amazing… I was reviewing my history of costuming just this morning and thinking of you. Here’s some amazing news- Q Depp will be working at Y Camp this summer 🙂

  5. Unfortunately, I don’t rent out. I have had way to many bad experiences with that part of the costuming business.

  6. I am so jealous! I never find anything good in thrift stores and belle is my favorite Disney character! I think if I had that dress I would probably just make up excuses to wear the thing whenever I felt like it.

  7. Holly Crap! I Need this! It’s my dream belle dress! Im about to play her and I REALLY NEED THIS!!!
    Emial me please!!!

  8. What store did you go to? I’m thinking about making my own for Halloween and am looking for good thrift store in California. thx!

  9. This is stunning am very jealous in the uk we don’t have things like this I may have to make a special trip over after i save all me pennies well done truly amazing

  10. I have been looking for a belle costume all year, and still need one, would you be willing to make me one if i paid you ?

  11. Wow, I have been looking for a good Belle costume! Are you looking to sell by any chance?

    If so please contact me I left my email.


  12. I love it!
    I’m not fan of dresses at all but I always loved the yellow dress of Belle.. as a child I used to think if I ever would get married it would be just like with that one(since it was the only one I actually like it hehe)…

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