Invisible Chair

I’m Lisa.  Hi.  Nice to meet you, sort of, in a virtual kind of way.  I am not sure where you are from but I am in California.  It’s not as great as some say, though not as bad as others say.  Except the traffic, everything you’ve ever heard about California traffic is true.

I am not a native here.  I am proud to say I am from the beautiful state of Idaho.  It’s one of this country’s best kept secrets.  Wonderful scenery, good people, clean air-if you are into that sort of thing.  A place were the folks like to keep the wide open spaces wide, and are often found complaining about those darn west coasters showing up and crowding the place out-

-wait a minute-

-what I should have said earlier is that Idaho is a terrible place and if you don’t already live there stay away!

Anywho, many believe that the one main downfall of living in Idaho is the lack of activities.  There is no night life, your neighbors are three miles away, and half the year it is too cold to go outside.  I loved it!  Idaho was my muse.

I was born creative.  Years ago on Sept 9th I was squeezed out of the womb onto my into my mom and dad’s king sized water bed and I instantly started finger painting with placental goo.  (Too much?)  I grew up in a family of seven.  Mom, Dad and five of us children.  I the only girl.  I had to be tough as nails, surrounded as I was with two older and two younger super hellions.  Money was tight which meant lots of chores and not a lot of plastic store bought toys.  This was a perfect place for the wildly creative mind of a child to make amazing discoveries.

As kids we had to find ways to amuse ourselves.  We invented things, we built with hammer and nail, we wrote, we read, we dressed up in costumes.  Our childhood games were not on a consule or even a board but on a trampoline and an acre and a half of clover choked grass.  I directed plays and movies.  I smashed rocks to find out what was inside.  I tried eating bubbles once to see what it tasted like.  (Not good, don’t try it).  When it came to spring burning time, we experimented with gasoline.  One thing was very true, life was never boring.

As a child I was afraid of the dark, and unlike my friends I never grew out of it.  I can’t help but try everything that inspires me.  I paint, I dance, I act, I direct, I write, I sculpt, I sew, I design, I laugh, I cry, I curse, I bleed.  To this day, I am so right brained sometimes I need to put a can of paint in my left hand to keep me from falling over.  This blog is my canvas: my way to get it out.  I expect it to be somewhat like diarrhea of the mind.  I hope you enjoy it.